About Us

Tonic UAE is your official one stop shop for athletic sports and work out apparel to dress you for any sport. Yoga, dance, spinning, barre, zumba, crossfit, running, pilates, and even tennis Tonic UAE will have you covered.  
Our versatile collections are known for durable fabrics, technical excellence and exceptional fit using sustainable practices.


Tonic UAE sources eco-friendly quality materials

At Tonic, we understand the demands of athletic performance. Innovative fabrics and thoughtful design ensure that each piece performs at the highest level time after time to stretch, move and work every step of the way. But our commitment to making healthy and lasting decisions doesn’t stop at fitness. We are proud of our environmentally responsible choice to avoid the use of toxic processing chemicals assuring cleaner, healthier materials against your skin.
At the heart of our tennis collections is the bluesign® approved Dual Fit Light fabric with UV/UPF 50 protection. This ultra light fabric protects you from the sun and wicks moisture away from your body during tough games.

Tonic UAE is an eco-friendly and sustainable athletic apparel company
We continuously look for materials that better our bodies and our planet Earth. Consciously avoiding use of silver in production allows us to create sustainable and resilient collections. Partnering with certified mills around the world ensures that we meet stringent safety requirements, as well as provide you with the piece of mind of a sustainable product.


We love nature

One company can make a difference, and we’re here to lead the revolution.
Strong. Smart. Beautiful. Nothing feels like tonic.



Franchise or Wholesale Tonic UAE

Interested in hosting Tonic UAE in your business or looking to buy wholesale?  Have any questions about where to buy Tonic UAE on site or in stores?  Please message us at info@tonic-uae.com