What do you do when you have lost your mojo. Lack of energy and menopause.

I probably need to start this by saying I am no spring chicken.  I'm 47 and for the last 2 years I have been slowing slipping with my energy levels and my mood.  I am talking about how I used to workout every day with out fail and sometimes twice a day.  Not only did it pick up my mood but I thought I was invincible.  Nothing could stop me!  I had energy to get through my day and more.  That becomes important when you have 3 active kids.  So what am I doing about it? 

Well I know what you are thinking.  Menopause, and you are probably right but I am not able to treat it with hormones.  You see, I'm a cancer survivor.  I was diagnosed when I was 37 and thankfully it is not showing signs of returning.  This being said I am someone who can not take hormones.  I am not able to treat my lack of energy and my many sleepless nights.  I have been to many doctors, yep many because with my lack of energy I have put on weight.  None of this is good for your mojo!

Now I am not one to give up.  I am still pushing through and going to the gym.  You can see me struggling with running on the treadmill, so for now I walk at an incline.  But this is not a quality of life I am used to living.  So what am I going to do?

Well according to Everyday Health there are 7 things I need to make sure I incorporate into my daily life.

1) Exercise daily- So like I said on my good days (which are limited) I run on the treadmill.  On my bad days, I walk with an incline.  Even a bad work out is still a workout.  It will help to produce those feel good hormones for your mood.  

2) Reduce caffeine and alcohol.  Alcohol I can definitely reduce but caffeine......I'm still working on that one!  Caffeine can wreak havoc with your bone density.  I am taking calcium with vitamin D.  All women should when you get to my age. 

3) Reducing food portions.  As I have always been able to workout hard I have never had to monitor my food.  Now I have been not only reducing my food portions but making sure every choice I make is a healthy one.  More vegetables have never hurt anyone.

4) Embrace relaxation.  My husband has always made fun of me for doing so much.  He used to say "I have never met anyone that works as hard as you.  I think it would kill you to just sit and read a book."  Now, that's not a bad thing but it is hard when you have no energy to feel like you are being productive.  Stop making a to-do list and start making it ok to take a few hours out.

5) Get your sleep.  Restless sleep can add up and kill energy and mood.  If you can not sleep naturally think of visiting with your doctor for some help. 

6) Stay hydrated.  That should go with out saying but this to can rob you of your energy.

7) When you are having an energy low, make sure you do not over book yourself.  The stress of having to keep up to commitments will just rob you of your energy.

If you think you may be struggling go and visit your doctor.  Get a check up and know you are not alone.  

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