Travel Tips that will change your travel experience for LIFE

It's almost that special time of year where airports are packed to the brim and hotels and airbnb's are almost sold out, it's VACATION time baby! Here are some tips I've gathered over the years from traveling, hopefully they become  useful to you for your next flight.

Before the flight:

 Making a list

Some people incorporate lists in to their lives everyday whereas many people think that their memory still works like a charm. I've learnt the hard way, forgetting phone chargers, that one expensive dress I finally bought just for my trip, and even my laptop. So from now on, a packing list is my new best friend! Write down everything you need on to a piece paper or on your phone if you'd like, and check off each item you put in your bag. Here's a little example of some of some items that are almost always on my list.

-Passport, I.D

-Electronics - charging cables, world adapters, laptop, cellphone

-Tooth brush & toothpaste

-Makeup removers and wipes

-Underwear ( you'd think I'd remember by now)

-Blow dryer & straightener

-Running shoes & my Tonic Apparel!

 Online Check in

This is a good one for those worrying travelers or if you just want to have an easier time at the airport, who doesn't. Online check in usually opens for your flight 24 hours beforehand, it will allow you to confirm you have a seat as well as chose a seat in the aircraft. Some people love sitting on the aisle, some love the window seat, this way your journey can be comfortable. 

Buy a Luggage tag

I don't know if you've watched everyone try to find their bags at the luggage caracel but it's scary, there are hundereds of people squished around this oval spinnging machine trying to find their bag, and let me tell you they almost all look exactly the same. So it may seem like a small detail or an expense you don't have to make but a luggage tag will save you from so many issues that could possibly occur. Buy one, make one, doesn't matter just stick it on their so people know who's bag is YOURS. 

 Dietary Restrictions

This may not be useful to everyone reading but many times your airline will have the resources to adhire to your diet if you call or email beforehand. I have many vegan friends and they always make sure to switch their meals to a vegan friendly one days before their flight so they can enjoy their meals with everyone else.

Healthy Snacks to go

Airplane food isn't always the best food, so I would highly recommend having a healthy filling meal before your flight as well as bringing along some healthy snacks while on board. I love bringing almonds, protein bars, crackers, dark chocolate, already popped popcorn apples, carrots etc. Check out our blog, "5 easy on the go snack options," for some great ideas. 

 On the flight:

Comfy clothes

Long flight, short flight, doesn't matter don't you want to be comfortable? Consider wearing Tonic's loose fit silky Brio long sleeve top, with technical bamboo, the softest material that will ever touch your skin! If you want to be the comfiest as possible but still look stylish and put together, slip on our Dailo medium rise pant with a specialty stretch waistband to move with you.

A Traveling Spa Kit! 

Want to pamper yourself and look fresh the minute you land? You don't need a shower on first class when you have these three skincare items to freshen you up.You have quite a few hours to kill when you're up in the sky so why not take a few to pamper yourself and feel amazing the minute you step off the plane.

I like to bring a mini makeup remover, my absolute go to is the Bioderma micellar water, it's actually perfect for traveling because it removes your makeup and works as a cleanser as well, a two in one! p.s don't forget to pack some cotton swabs to take off your makeup with. Even if you don't wear makeup this step is still important to clean all the junk and stress from your skin, as airports aren't the most spa like, stress free places if you know what I mean ( cue the screaming baby ).

My number two skincare essential would be an under eye mask and/or face mask. They're so many types of face masks, whitening, acne, shine etc, but I always go for an intense moisturizing mask because those airplanes aren't moisture friendly ladies you will come off that plane regretting you didn't pick one of these up. I often use Gariner's Hydro face masks because they're cheap and I can buy the peel off one's which are perfect and easy for traveling.  I know what your thinking, "a face mask on the plane, do you want me to scare people!?" Ladies, ladies... wouldn't you rather be embarrassed for 15 minutes and look the most fabulous and awake after you step off that plane... I think YES. So let the awkward stares empower you, let's face it everyone will wish they brought a face mask too.

My last spa kit essential would be dry shampoo. This is the KEY to beautiful hair, you might be thinking after eight hours in a plane there's nothing to fix what's going on up there but trust me this little guy does wonders. Make it look like you just blow dried your hair at the salon, ( okay that may be a bit of an exaggeration but we're getting there :) ) no more grease, and a whole lotta volume. My favorite brand so far is Batiste, you can buy mini bottles which I recommend to take on a plane with you in a zip locked baggy.