Tips To Stay Healthy This Vacation Season

         We're days away from summer vacation! It's definitely around that time people are booking their much needed holidays away from this unbearable Dubai heat, and we all know it's just getting started.. unfortunately. Holidays are for enjoying, indulging, relaxing and it is SO important that you do so but with all that being said no one likes to feel yucky and unmotivated by the time they get back home. Your top priority should be just having a great time and you can still do just that whilst keeping a few thing in mind so you're not left feeling unmotivated and with a yucky feeling a lot of us tend to feel after a long holiday full of all you can eat buffets. 


Exercise you won't dread on holiday

We definitely don't always have time for the gym on vacation and some of us just rather spend their vacation exploring than in the gym, understandable. So instead of working up a sweat in an indoor gym why not take it outside. Instead of taking an uber to a restaurant 15 minutes away, walk! Explore a city on your feet.  Convince your friends to go on a hike, or go alone if they're too lazy. Try a long walk on the beach, swim in the ocean, in the pool even. Go paddle boarding or snorkeling.  You might not think this is "proper" exercise but it truly is! You don't have to be on the treadmill or lifting weights to have a proper workout, you can workout anytime, anywhere. 


Eating Out

Often times on vacation we're eating out at restaurants nearly every night or enjoying the all inclusive meal deals. It's quite popular these days to be booking an airbnb etc and I think if you do have the resources to cook some of your own meals I say go for it. One, it's a huge money saver. Two, you can make something healthy and know exactly what's being put in your meal. On holiday I like to pick one meal to be an outing and the other two to be cooked at home, saves time and it's nice on your wallet. 

If you're out to eat, try to share smaller dishes with friends rather than everyone ordering their own big dish. It's fun to try different foods and sometimes you think you're hungrier than you really are when you're ordering. if you're hungry afterwards you can always order something else.



You want to feel rested by the time you come home from your holiday, not feeling like you need another one right away. You're probably going to be doing new things all day so it's very important to get your rest at night. Consider packing an eye mask and ear plugs just in case. Most healthy adults need around 7-9 hours a night to function to the best of their ability. Sleep helps reduce stress which you really don't need on vacation. Sleep assists in weight maintenance, promotes heart health, improves your memory and more.




 Many of us tend to have a few more drinks on holiday then we normally would which is totally okay, have fun you're on vacation! I would say though it's so important to stay hydrated while you're drinking alcohol. You may think you're staying hydrated by packing down the beers but really you're dehydrating yourself. Try drinking a glass of water after every drink, this way you'll be hopefully preventing a hangover the next morning and staying hydrated and headache free.


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