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  • News in nutrition......."Do quick fixes work?"

    We at Tonic UAE have been noticing a growing trend in the "Fad Diet" market in Dubai.  They have always been around from the cayenne, lemon and honey in water to the latest juice/shake drink fast.  The newest and latest have you buying pills that are meant to provide nutrients like fruit and vege... View Post
  • Lavish Lavender and Lemon Raw Cheesecake

    This raw piece of goodness comes to you from the one and only Noura El-Imam of Yogalates Bliss!

    Noura is an established wellness professional in Dubai, outdoor enthusiast, a passionate foodie, an adventurist, a travel-addict and an entrepreneur at heart, constantly dreaming, visualizing and planning.

    Blessed, born and raised in the multicultural hub of the United Arab Emirates, Noura graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration & Integrated Marketing Communications. She worked as the Senior Marketing Executive at one of Dubai’s largest publishing houses (ITP) for 5 years, before embarking in the world of events and transitioning to assisting 2 fitness start up companies - her absolute passion.

    Noura consults for wellness businesses and yoga teachers/professionals alike, by drawing her background in marketing and business degree. She is renowned for her meticulous organization and consultancy work, to offer her clients the opportunity in turning their passion into reality by highlighting their strengths through effective social media and beyond.

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