• 5 Snack Options to Bring Sexy Back

    It can be a challenge staying on top of your healthy eating when you're constantly on the go, rushing the kids to school or at work all day. It may seem simple but bringing healthy snacks with you everywhere you go will be your life saver when it comes to staying on track. Who doesn't want to be feeling amazing this summer, it's time to start making those small but effective choices to be feeling and looking great.


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  • How to make Vegetarian Cauliflower Buffalo Bites

    I love any thing smothered in hot buffalo sauce (who doesn't right?) and if you can make it healthy then why not!  These cauliflower bites are my new favorite and you won't feel guilty going back for seconds!

    Want to give your taste buds a zing?!  Then why not try out this recipe?  

    As I live in Dubai finding the best hot sauce for your buffalo bites isn't easy.  I can recommend Franks Red Hot Wings located in Park n Shop.  


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