• Coconut Quinoa

    Quinoa is now labeled a super food for its ability to offer the body clean burn energy to sustain you for a crazy busy day and there are so many different ways to prepare it.  Give this coconut quinoa recipe a try and add it to yogurt, salads or on its own as a side dish. View Post
  • Paleo Cheesecake Bites

    I have this amazing friend Elisa Fausto-Lossifidis who runs a yoga studio here in Dubai (@Inspireyogadxb) and she is about health. Healthy life, thoughts, food, and exercise.  She sends me podcasts to listen to all the time and she is helping her family at home learn organic farming.  So when she asked me if I wanted to try a bite of her heathly treat I said "Yes Please!"

    It is sweet but light and my body loved it!!

    Recipe copied for our blog from @hukitchen 

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  • Blackened Cod with Radish and Red Cabbage Slaw

    This is brilliant if you want something light and easy to digest.  Particularly love it in the hot weather months of the UAE.  You can substitute Cod for any other white fish that is handy.

    This recipe is taken from Clean Eating Alice The Body Bible 

    The perfect book and gift for anyone looking to change their eating habits.

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