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  • Apple, Lemon and Ginger Detoxifying Juice Recipe

    Why not start your morning with a kick and flood of nutrients to boost your energy and aid digestion. This antioxidant - rich juice combo is," high in Vitamin A, B and C, it helps cleanse the liver and remove mucus from the body."- Lori Kenyon Farley. The best thing about the juice is that it's o... View Post
  • Yummy Vegan Loaded Sweet Potato

    Who doesn't love sweet potato fries these days? Even though I'd love to eat fries for every meal it's probably best to have those ever so often. Sweet potato's cooked in your oven is the next best thing, you get the amazing sweet potato fry kick but the healthier benefits of it being cooked and not fried. Check out this delicious yet simple loaded sweet potato recipe. View Post