You already look amazing, but here are some tips to feel even more confident

Let’s face it, the latest fashions make it easy to camouflage and conceal all of those problem spots that may need a few more squats or a couple more crunches. Even still, wouldn’t you love to feel confident with or without clothes on? We’ve compiled a few tips from models and others constantly under scrutiny on how they keep their physique in tip-top shape under any outfit—or in none at all.


And the one thing they all have in common is making fitness a priority. Not just finding time for it, either, but using that time wisely to target areas that demand the most attention. The trick is finding a program that works for you and you alone, doubling up here or incorporating moves there to get the results you need. A targeted fitness regimen a few times per week doesn’t just make your physique firm and fit but can also boost your mood. And confidence is incredibly sexy.


The next tip is to follow a plan that balances both cardio and weights to sculpt your curves and build muscle. Grab those dumbbells and learn to embrace squats, curls, lunges, crunches, and shoulder flys. Because the more muscle you have, the more toned your physique and the more fat you burn.

Working out with friends


Tracking daily activity is the best way to maintain accountability. After all, we all know how easy it can be to let a molten chocolate lava cake slip in once in a while. But tracking caloric intake along with calories burned in the form of fitness shows precisely when you’ll need to work harder so it all balances out.


And finally, find a fitness plan that you enjoy so you’re motivated to stick with it. Then switch it up if you grow bored or begin making excuses. Those who are able to make fitness a priority for the long term usually incorporate all sorts of physical activities—from dance and yoga to swimming and competitive team sports.


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