How to set up your morning for a productive day ahead

Don't you just love those mornings when you wake up minutes before your alarm goes off, feeling wide awake and rested... yup I couldn't relate to that either. Mornings for most of us aren't always like this peaceful description. Many of us are working late and never getting enough sleep, some have kids crying and yelling in the morning, or just purely not in the best mood right when they get up. 

I feel like when your day starts off positive, you're able to get things done faster and more efficiently. When you're in a good mind space and you've woken up happy and positive it can really change your entire day, the choices you make, how to speak to people, how you feel about yourself. Usually were focusing on work, our kids, our friends etc that the morning should just be decided to YOU for however long, maybe you can only do 10 minutes because you have to get your kids ready for school, those 10 minutes could truly shape your day though so listen carefully these are some great things to start doing right when you get up to have a more productive, happy and fulfilled day, everyday.


1. The Snooze Button

I like to call the snooze button my frienamie, it's my friend and my enemy all in one, but let's be honest it's ALWAYS the enemy. Even though an extra 5 to 10 minutes sounds amazing in the morning when you can barely open your eyes, it's actually not really going to help you "wake up." It may even make you more tired, which we really don't need. Your body needs around 90 minutes to make it through another deep sleep cycle, so let's start ditching the snooze button and waking up right when our alarm goes off. This way you'll be rushing a little less every morning. Snoozing your alarm can also make your day start a little lazy rather than being productive, so rise and shine my friends.

2. Water or a healthy shot

Hydrate! With all that peeing in the middle of the night and sleeping for hours we all wake up dehydrated. I like to bring up a jug of water to my room at night along with a glass and try my best to drink at least one glass before I get ready for the day. If you need something a little stronger try adding lemon and to your water. As per the Lifehack website there are many things that happen when you start your day with water.

3. Shower

I usually recommend showing the night before because it's one less thing to do in the morning but it really helps some mornings to just do a quick 30 second body shower to really wake you up. And if you can try and do a cold one, it's basically a double shot espresso in the form of a shower :) Really gets the blood pumping!

4. Coffee

Speaking about caffeine, coffee almost everybody's best friend so don't forget to make your coffee in the morning with your healthy breakfast and you'll be wide awake, ready for action right away.

5. Exercise 

If you want to feel productive and I mean productive, throw on your running shoes first thing in the morning and get outside and exercise. I cannot tell you how amazing you will feel after your workout. Even if the rest of the day doesn't go quite as planned you will feel like you've achieved something great when you go to sleep at night after this. Wether it's going for a run around the block, an at home workout, lifting weights in the gym, doesn't matter just get that blood pumping!  

 6. The outdoors

Get outside! Even if it's just a walk around the block or to the grocery store, breathing in fresh air and getting outside can really make your day more positive and uplifting. Some people work from home and that works for them but for many it helps to get outside, find another place to work or relax. 

7. Music

Switch on some up beat music you love right when you get up. Music makes people happy no matter what mood or sleep they had the night before. Instantly start your day off in a happy mood, dancing around the house.     

If you commit to starting your day the right way you will find what a difference it will make to your entire day!






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