News in nutrition......."Do quick fixes work?"

We at Tonic UAE have been noticing a growing trend in the "Fad Diet" market in Dubai.  They have always been around from the cayenne, lemon and honey in water to the latest juice/shake drink fast.  The newest and latest have you buying pills that are meant to provide nutrients like fruit and vegetables.  I know this topic can be quite controversial as many people find it works for them.  The little reset button to get their diet back on track so to speak.  But we are wondering.....Do quick fixes work?

Diet pills

I asked my good friend and dietitian Allison and this was her reply.


As a Registered Dietitian (RD), it saddens me to talk about the world of
"nutrition" at this moment in time. Nutrition has become about finding a
"quick fix" to achieve a certain look and thus shifting the focus away
from developing healthy behavior habits that last a lifetime. I can't tell
you the number of times I have been offered to promote a juice, diet pill,
or new "fad" diet. The bottom line is, we all have the choice to be
healthy, and listen to how food makes our bodies feel. For example, if you
notice you feel tired after eating a certain food item, then omit the
item! We don't need a pill to help us, we need to listen to our bodies,
how we feel, and make the choice to feel better. It's that simple. It's
easy to get caught up in the flashy words like, "Detox", "Diet",
"Weight-loss", but these words shouldn't define our actions, as they come
from a marketer trying to get you to buy a product. We need to think old
school when it comes to food, eat foods that come from mother nature and
not from a bag or box of pills.

Alison McLaughlin, RD, MPH

Alison is also a trained yoga teacher and teaches Vinyasa Flow, Hatha Flow, Pre and post Natal yoga, and Ashtanga at Piloga Studios in Business bay.

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