Ever thought of prepping your meals for the week? This is what it looks like.

I think we can all agree cooking food and preparing meals becomes a little time consuming and even dreadful at times. Wouldn't you just love coming home after along day having everything ready? Seasoned, cooked to perfection without an inch of effort for seven days. Wow, sounds like a dream. Well you can make this dream a reality by meal prepping ONCE or twice a week for the entire week of meals.



There are many benefits to meal prepping as you can imagine the number one being TIME. We got things to do people, places to be, it's not always easy making up three meals a day everyday, and not to mention the parents out there cooking for their kids too. Some people look at photos on Instagram or Pinterest of meal preps are get a little intimidated and think to themselves " that's a LOT of food and it looks like a LOT of work." But really, those hours that you put in one day saves you a TON of hours later on each day of the week. Don't freak out when you see how many meals people are making on Pinterest etc, instead gather ideas from the meals and snack choices they're making.

Staying on Track & Saving money 

Often times when we're too lazy to make food and it's too late to run to the grocery we pick up our phones, click on those delicious apps, Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Talabat and order away. You're hungry and have had the longest day known to man so you're not thinking about potion control, calories, fat, carbs right now it's not important, what's important is that this uber eats dude gets to your house in 20 freaking minutes or you're going to explode. I know the feeling. But I also know the feeling when you finish all that usually "crappy" food and you wish you never even downloaded that app. Meal prepping stops you from ever needing to order out when you can't find anything to eat in the house. It's also going to save you a LOT of money on meals and groceries. Meal prepping can be fun and tasty as well as kind to your bank account.

 Weight loss / Muscle gain:

Before you start with your meal prep ask yourself what are your healthy lifestyle goals. Do you want to lose some weight, maintain weight, gain weight etc. Do you want to stop eating processed food and more whole foods? Do you want to start cutting out dairy, unhealthy sugar, etc? Once you've figured that out you can design your meals to fit your goal. For example if you wanted to lose weight maybe you would consider cutting down your portion sizes and adding it more frequent smaller meals. If you wanted to gain weight maybe add in more dense, larger meals, more healthy snacks during the day. Hopefully all of us want to get stronger and build some healthy muscle in our body and a lot of the times that takes eating a bit more than usual ( depending on what your eating habits are already) so don't be afraid of adding a few more meals or healthy shakes in during your day, a strong women is a beautiful women. 

 Families/kids to cook for: 

 Have kids running around the house, a loved one you cook for? Prepping your families meals, especially kids lunch meals and snacks can save a ton of time and just make mornings a lot less stressful. You can cook up meals for your kids for the whole five day school week or every three nights to switch up their lunches and snacks. It's also saves you from trying to make a bunch of snacks when the kids come home. If you already have something as simple as celery and carrots cut up with a side hummus ready to go it can save some time. Some meal prep breakfast ideas for the kids could be over night oats, cut up fruit salad and yoghurt etc. Lunch ideas for kids could be chicken and avocado sandwiches with veggies and dip on the side. Big healthy salads with quinoa, broccoli, pomegranates, cucumbers etc! Cooking in advance, even if it's just for a few days can save you a lot of time and sleep in the mornings :) . 

 How to: 

How do I meal prep:

 First you should consider buying a bunch of either glass or plastic containers from the grocery store or online, you most likely have a few of those in your kitchen but I'd definitely make sure to have a bunch of different size containers for your main meals, salads, snacks and dips. Next you should plan to go to the grocery store for possibly a little longer than usual and pick up everything you'll need to make your favourite meals in bulk. Lastly pick a day where you'll have a few hours to yourself at home or in the kitchen to cook up a storm. Portion out your desired amount food in to each container, one container being one meal. This also can help us from going back in the kitchen for that second or third serving, we've all been there. If you know you're at work all day or out of the house for a long period of time it REALLY helps to have healthy snacks close by, this way we can make healthy decisions, you won't feel the need to drive through Mcdonald's because you're already munching on your energy balls or fruit salad.  

Meal Prep Services:

Sometimes we really just don't have the time or maybe you're not too sure what to cook or maybe you really don't like too so there are other options that are helpful and yummy too. Meal prep services have become very popular in Dubai, they come straight to your door at any given time to deliver you your breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can customize your meals too so you can reach your fitness goals. They let you know the nutrition facts of all your meals which is very helpful because you know exactly what and how much you're eating. They make sure you're eating carbs, protein, and fats in each meal too to keep your diet balanced and nutritious. Here are some meal prep services in Dubai, Fuel-Up by Kcal, Kcal Extra, MySixPack, Stmd.kitchen. Check them out!

Happy meal prepping!

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