Meet Marinela Zirdum the first winner of Dubai Yoga Championship 2018

Yoga in full lotus


If I told you Marinela only just started taking yoga in April of 2018 before winning the Dubai Yoga Championships in November of 2018 you probably wouldn't believe me.  Well let's look at some of her back story a little bit.

Marinela was born and raised in Croatia, in a small beautiful baroque city north of the country, place call Varazdin.  Since moving to Dubai 5 years ago she was looking for activities that would replace her love for Rhythmics and ballet.  After hearing so many positive things about yoga she set out to see if she would like it.  Well in her words "I was hooked.  I love how it challenges me on so many different levels, physically and mentally.  It also doesn't hurt to see the strength I am building which I never thought I could possibly have.  The whole process is so deep and meaningful. " 

When asked if there is anything she doesn't like about yoga her response is "There is really nothing that I don't like! I really enjoy every single part of it, even hot yoga.  When it gets hard, and it does, I ask myself why do I do this?  Yet I still come back!"

We asked Marinela what would she say to those who have always wondered about trying yoga but are still hesitant.  Her response "Yoga is for everyone, give it a chance to make a better you, positive, relaxed, and confident.  It is a real treat for body and soul.  You are never too young or too old to start, surprise yourself!"


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