Are you as strong as a 5 year old girl?

What happened to the dynamic and strong willed little girl that used to put on her tiara and tighten up her pony tail before pushing through the crowd to stand at the front?  

Somewhere along the way we were told "good girls don't make any noise.  Don't become fussy and are definitely not strong."  Well, I have met someone who breaks the mold of a typical girl following the pack.

I have spent a month training at Inspire Yoga and Pilates which is located close to Jones the Grocer just off of Sheikh Zayed Road.  Within that month I had the privilege to take many classes from the talented Pavlina.  Also known as Pav, Pavy, Pav Pav.  When you first meet Pav you are struck not only by how incredibly beautiful she is but how passionate she is about movement.  All kinds of movement!

When I asked Pav a little about what prompted her to become a teacher of so many disciplines this was her response;

"I have achieved and gained many experiences growing up and the adversities have molded me into the person I am today and the teacher that I am now.  Growing up competing in sports and bearing my soul on stage as a dancer/performer allows you to dig deep into your insecurities, strengths and weaknesses.  Through physical sickness you embrace health in your life.  Through lows we eventually experience highs.  I am passionate about the environment that we live in and helping people, physically reach their goals, over come insecurities and gain strength.  I dislike those who aren't honest as what you see is what you get with me.  I am passionate about not being a slave to what society says is the IDEAL.  I am pretty sure Unicorns are real! Ha ha!"

Pavlina is a Functional Movement and Strength Conditioning Coach (PT).  She is a certified teacher of Pilates, Matwork, Advanced Reformer, Barre, Contemporary Dance, African American Jazz and Yoga.  You can find her classes and timings by going to

Pavlina is wearing the Tonic's Spring line

Statik Tank in White and colourfall

Statik Short in Black. 

Studio-Inspire Yoga and Pilates

Photo Credit-Rowena Delf