Never too old to start again

This is Belinda.  A long time client of Tonic UAE, Belinda has just celebrated her 50th birthday and she is on her way to Goa to begin yoga teacher training.  

Like so many of us, Belinda has gone through a life change.  Recently separated, with her children all grown up, she has found herself with time to do what she likes the most.  

In the past, she spent many hours on her long board skating, but when family came along, some things had to be put aside.

Now, Belinda has pulled out her long board again and combined her two loves. Yoga and Skateboarding take her in a fresh direction but honor who she is.  

We especially love the sense of no fear! in this photo.  Have a great time in Goa. We can't wait to hear about your experiences when you return.

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