5 things to look for in your athletic wear.

We've all been there at least once.  It can happen in downward dog.  It can happen during a squat and it can even happen on the reformer in a packed pilates class, with nowhere to hide. What am I talking about? Bad workout wear!  

bad workout wear

If it's been a while since you have purchased some new leggings or if there is dust on your running shoes, you may want to consider upgrading your athletic wear.

Times have changed and we don't just have basic hatha yoga classes to choose from. There's hot, power, yin, and swing yoga classes!  How do you decide what to wear? Where do you start.

These 5 guidelines will help you get the best from your athletic wear.  

  1. Is it made with high performance fabric that can wick sweat away? Trendy slogan tanks are cute and can show a quirky personality but if they are made from cotton, you are wearing a heat blanket over your body. Here in the desert, this is something you may want to rethink. Sportswear made with a blend of polyester, lycra or spandex will keep the body looking, but more importantly, feeling cool.  
  2. Make sure your gear fits you properly.  Obvious right?  Ever stand behind someone in a yoga class and as you are bending forward you see more than what you bargained for?  Don't let that be you! Try on your favorite leggings and strike a pose! Go into a forward bend and have a friend make sure you aren't revealing more than you intended to.
  3. Watch out for 'special features' that aren't so special. Zippers to convenient pockets or cool thumb holes that keep sleeves down can be great for your phone or keys when you are going from street to class, but can cause discomfort during practice.  Even a small misplaced zipper can make for a mighty long one hour class if it digs or rubs into you. Which leads us to the flat seam!  A small but important part of your athletic wear's construction that can greatly reduce chafing and rubbing.
  4. Can you wear your gear from class and move onto your next task or do you have to change fully before going on to do the groceries or meet up with friends for a coffee? Decide if this is important for you and look for fashion forward pieces that can integrate seamlessly into your wardrobe.
  5. Are you in the right outfit for your training? You probably wouldn't go to the gym in short shorts and a bra top just like you wouldn't go into a hot yoga class in long sleeves and bell bottom yoga pants. Make sure your clothes are working for the activities you are doing now. 

The right outfit can make you look great and really aid your motivation to work out.  Your confidence to try new things and challenge yourself can grow when your confidence in your workout gear is rock solid. You may find yourself happy to spend more time sweating like a pig to look like a fox!!

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