3 Myths That Becoming a Fitness Instructor Helped Me Bust


MYTH 1: Having a career in something I didn’t study in university means I didn’t succeed.

Let me preface this by saying, I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Acting. Go ahead, have a giggle. When I graduated from university, I moved to New York City. Within a year I landed a “day job” in the fitness industry. I felt surprised by the sense of purpose I would feel at the barre. To succeed as an actor, I was supposed to be waiting in long ques for auditions and booking touring gigs to build my resume. Instead, I was soaking up energy from the best motivators in the fitness industry. When I get on the microphone at DEFINE, I aim to share the good vibes I have absorbed from my past teachers. I ask people to "feel something" in my class, not so different than asking the audience watching my play for empathy. I love what I do. That is the success.

MYTH 2: Multitasking makes you a jack-of-all-trades but master-of-none.

Since moving to Dubai, I have consistently juggled many passions and interests. On any given day, I am a teacher, a writer, an artist, and a PR representative. I may teach in the morning, work on a blog post over afternoon coffee, then rehearse for a show or short film at night. This variety consistently makes me a stronger person. DEFINE also uses variety to achieve results. We have three unique methods to deliver one healthy body. Being well-rounded means having balance. I strive to educate my clients on this golden rule and hope to represent it in my life.

MYTH 3: The social media generation has forgotten how to communicate in person.

One of my favourite things about teaching at DEFINE is the rock star roster of clients getting their sweat on daily. I get a little starstruck when I meet some of the influential Instagrammers of Dubai and think, “Oh my gosh, I love your posts, and your stories motivate me to live a fuller life.” If you are thinking, “THIS IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR GENERATION, ALWAYS ON YOUR PHONE, NEVER HAVING CONVERSATIONS,” then I challenge you to view social connections as pathways to genuine relationships. If I just think about how the individual has influenced me, but I never say anything, then I am missing out on a chance to support someone I admire. I believe DEFINE serves as a space where all fitness seekers can strike a dialogue about their journeys. Most of the fabulous personalities in Dubai also happen to be fantastic people. Next time you are in a class with your favourite local yogi, strike up a conversation. We all have so much in common, and it’s worth it choose to connect in an authentic manner.



Haley Houck, Fitness Instructor and Marketing at DEFINE Body & Mind, Dubai
Instagram: @haleyherenow

Instagram: @definedubai


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