15 Low Calorie on the Go Snacks

When we're trying to be healthy and reach our goals it's super helpful to understand how big or small your portions should somewhat look like. Portion control is a huge factor to weight loss and overall a healthy diet and lifestyle. If you're looking for a few light snacks to have in between class, main meals, car rides or just when you want to snack here are some serving sizes that are low calorie and great for a snack portion.

1. Popcorn ( 2 cups with 1 tsp of butter = 95 cal ) which contain fiber and antioxidants.


2. Frozen Grapes ( 1 cup = 62 cal ) packed with vitamins C and K


3. Greek yogurt and mixed berries 3/4 cup= 120 calories and a whooping 18 grams of protein.  

Greek yogurt with mixed berries


4. 1 cup of raspberries = 65 cal Red Raspberries contain strong antioxidants that fight against cancer and heart disease.   




5. Almonds  (12 almonds = 100 cal) Almonds contain lots of healthy fat, fiber, protein and magnesium.


6. Watermelon although being 92% water this fruit is packed with Vitamin A, B6, and Vitamin C



7. Cherries ( 1 cup serving = 90 cal  ) bursting with antioxidants, phytochemicals and vitamins, nutrients and fiber.  All which support a healthy system and reduce the risk of certain types of cancers.


8. Apple -( 1 apple = 70 cal ) Apples are extremely rich in important antioxidants, flavonoids and daily fiber.  Apples can help reduce the risk of cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. 


9. Two Kiwis ( = 95 cal ) These little green fruit are full of Vitamins C,K,E and folate and potassium.  Full of antioxidants and fiber.  



10. One Banana ( = 89 cal ) While being rich in potassium and fiber they help to prevent cancer, diabetes, asthmas and high blood pressure.  


11. Red pepper and guacamole (One medium red pepper = 40 calories.  One cup guacamole = 155 calories) 

red peppers are highest in antioxidants like beta carotene, capsanthin and quercetin.  One red pepper contains over 300% of the regular dose of daily Vitamin C.

 Fresh guacamole inside a crunchy red pepper


12. Oranges ( 2 small oranges = 90 cal ) Contains vitamin C, fiber, potassium and choline, which are all good for your heart, so the fruits may give your ticker a big boost. Potassium, an electrolyte mineral, is vital for allowing electricity to flow.

Freshly cut oranges

13. Pickles ( 3 large pickles = 45 cal ) Pickles? YES! Pickles are the guts probiotic medicine.  Not only the pickles but drinking the juice can help rebalance a healthy gut and immune system.   



14. Grapefruit ( 1/2 = 50 cal) Low in calories yet provides a significant amount of fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

 15. Pistachios ( 12 nuts = 47 cal ) 

Notably, pistachios are one of the most vitamin B6-rich foods around.

Vitamin B6 is important for several functions, including blood sugar regulation and the formation of hemoglobin, a molecule that carries oxygen in red blood cells.

Pistachios are also rich in potassium, with one ounce containing more potassium than half of a large banana.

Sometimes you just really need a snack, right?!  Now you have some healthy options to go to.  

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